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Who We Are

Al Zarafa Human Resources Consultancy has been offering HR and recruitment solutions in UAE and abroad for the past 12 years. We have successfully reallocate over 2500+ candidates from more than 15 countries worldwide including Philippines, India, Pakistan, Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Spain, Egypt, Afghanistan, Singapore & Malaysia.

We provide HR solutions to over 500+ global clients in various sectors such as travel and tourism, construction, pharma, hospital, retail, media, marketing, e-commerce, hospitality, logistics, consulting, engineering, and manufacturing.

Commitment To Provide Exceptional Recruitment And HR Services
One of the leading UAE based recruitment and human resources firms, Al Zarafa Human Resources Consultancy works with both employers and candidates and that is why we understand both sides of the recruitment process. At Al Zarafa, we have a dedicated team of recruiters, headhunters, and consultants that pay attention to even the smallest of the details to create effective employer-candidate connections.


Curious Minds Ask

We are the HR wizards of the UAE, weaving magic to match talent with dreams.

We turn HR nightmares into fairy tales for companies and job seekers alike.

We sprinkle HR stardust to make dreams come true, one job at a time.

With a touch of HR genius and a dash of UAE flair, we redefine HR solutions.

Let us be your HR genie, granting wishes for talent and HR management.

Talent Match

We connect talent with opportunities, creating perfect matches for success.

HR Magic

Transforming HR nightmares into enchanting success stories with our magic.

Dream Careers

Guiding individuals to their dream careers with personalized HR solutions.

Discover Your Dream Career Today!

Join Us to Unlock Exciting Opportunities and Revolutionize Your Career Path.

Revolutionize HR Solutions

Welcome to the forefront of HR innovation in the UAE! We are the trailblazers in providing end-to-end HR solutions that redefine the way companies discover talent and manage their human resources.

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to match companies with the perfect talent and empower individuals to find their dream jobs. We believe in creating synergies that drive success and fulfillment for all.

Join us on this exhilarating journey where HR meets innovation, and together, we shape the future of work in the UAE and beyond.

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Address: 2nd Floor 202, Landmark Plaza, Hamdan Street Abu Dhabi-UAE
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AL Zarafa Human Resources Consultancy

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