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Talent Management

Under the umbrella of Al Zarafa, we provide you organizational strategies to begin with acknowledging the need for talent and filling gap and ultimately growing and optimizing the skills, traits, and expertise of employees.

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Behavioural Leadership

Evaluate leaders according to the success of a leader is based on their behavior rather than their natural attributes. we suggest that how to anyone can become an effective leader if they can implement certain behaviors.

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Management Solution

We designed and Developed to carry out the essential operations of process management namely modeling, executing, evaluating, and improving business processes to ensure optimal efficiency and productivity.

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10 years of experience

We are pleased to introduce our company AL ZARAFA Marine Crewing Consultancy. We provide a wide range of high qualified of multinational crew, starting from captain to key officers. Engineers and ratings both in management level and operational level/support level Such as Deck Department and Engine Department.

AL ZARAFA Marine services company located in Hamdan street, Abu Dhabi with primary focuses on excellence of providing Marine Crew on baord, Nurses, Security Gaurd etc.

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AL ZARAFA Marine services company located in Hamdan street, Abu Dhabi. If you need job consultancy or any other query, book your appointment today!

Our Works

Deck Department

Master, Chief Officer, 2nd Officer, 3rd Officer, Cadet, Boatswain, Able Seaman, OS, Mess Man & Cook etc.

Engine Department

Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer, 3rd Engineer, 4th Engineer, Cadet, Oiler, Wiper, Filter, Electrician, & Welder etc.

Mechanical Engineering

We are offering a variety of jobs at different levels in mechanical construction industry.

Civil Engineering

We are providing engineering and skilled labour staff to the civil construction industry.